Some Important Tips for Choosing Fire Extinguishers for Home or the Office

Posted on: 26 May 2016

Not many homeowners or office managers think about fire extinguishers, often assuming that a fire could never happen in their home or office. However, a fire can break out in just about any kitchen no matter what you're cooking. It can also start because of a careless worker who leaves a space heater too close to the draperies or who sneaks a cigarette in the toilet. There are many different types of fire extinguishers you might choose, so note a few important tips when you're ready to shop.

1. Classes

The classes you see on an extinguisher don't tell you how well they work; they tell you the types of fires they can best extinguish. A class A extinguisher works on paper, wood, and other such materials, whereas a class B extinguisher works on oils and greases. You might opt for a class A extinguisher for the office but a class B for the garage or a kitchen. A class C extinguisher works on electrical fires; this might be good for your attic where electrical wires might be exposed or in a production facility that uses a number of electrical devices.

2. Rating

The rating of an extinguisher tells you how quickly it works. This rating would take into account the pressure of the extinguisher and the width of its spray. For a small office, you might opt for a lower rating as you might only face a small fire that isn't likely to spread before you can address it. However, for a garage or area with lots of combustibles, you might need a higher rating since the fire may be more likely to spread quickly. Since a higher rating is often more expensive, balance your needs with the cost for the best choice.

3. Size and weight

You might want a larger fire extinguisher that can hold a lot of extinguishing material in case of a larger fire, but note if you can easily handle its size and weight. In your home, you might train younger children on how to handle the extinguisher, and a larger model might be too cumbersome for them. In an office, you need to consider where the extinguisher will be kept and if it can be handled by all your office workers. A smaller extinguisher with a higher rating, or more than one such extinguisher, might be a better option if it means that your staff can easily handle it when needed.


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