Materials Not To Dispose Of In Your Skip Bin Hire

Posted on: 6 June 2016

When eliminating large amounts of waste from your residence, one of the more convenient ways to do it would be by opting for skip hire services. Not only do these providers deliver the skip bin right to your property, but they also come and collect it too to ensure safe waste disposal. Skip hire services also provide you with the convenience of setting your own collection schedule for the waste, rather than having to wait for your local council on their designated garbage disposal day.

However, with the numerous conveniences that skip hire services afford you, it should be noted that using these bins come with one crucial restriction. There are an array of items that are prohibited from being eliminated through skips, as these materials are toxic and hazardous. Here are some of the materials that you should not dispose of in your skip bin hire. 

Asbestos waste materials

Asbestos was commonly used in older homes due to its high heat resistance. As such, when engaging in renovations, you may find some items such as plaster and fibreboard may contain asbestos. If these fibres become dispersed in the air, they can cause an environmental as well as a health hazard. If you are engaging in renovations and suspect that some of your waste items may contain asbestos, you should not lump them together with the rest of your garbage. Instead, seal the asbestos materials in plastic bags and enquire from the skip hire company if they have an alternative means of disposing this waste. 

Medical waste material

It is not unusual to get rid of old, expired medication when performing a through house cleaning. This ensures that pets or children do not get their hands on them and risk harming their health. However, you should not opt to throw away these pharmaceuticals in your skip bin hire. These drugs can contain a host of toxic compounds. As such, they need to be eliminated by authorized personnel who know how best to ensure they medicines do not cause cross contamination in the waste that you are disposing. It should also be noted than in addition to drugs, syringes should also not be eliminated using skip hire. 

Petrol and oil-based waste materials

Grease, oil, petrol and other forms of fuel are highly flammable. It is therefore not advisable to throw them into a skip bin and have the mix with other waste materials. This is mainly to prevent any chance of risking a fire as a lot of dry waste materials tend to be combustible. 

For more information, contact a skip bin service in your area.


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