Save Money on Your Skip Bin Rental With These Tips

Posted on: 14 June 2016

Skip bins are a great resource when you are completing home renovating or yard work and need a way to dispose of the waste. Instead of hauling it away yourself or paying a company to haul it away, you can instead rent a skip bin, park it on your property, then have it picked up when you're done with your home project. The drawback is that it can sometimes be expensive, especially considering you may already be paying quite a bit for your home renovations. Here are some tips that will help save you some money on the rental.

Know What Size You Need

The first thing you should do if you want to save money is determine exactly what size you need. Most skip bin rental companies will have a variety of sizes available, based on how much waste the container can fit. You don't want to get it too small and have to make multiple trips, which actually ends up costing more, but if you get the largest size, you might be paying more unnecessarily. If you're not sure what size you need, ask the skip bin company. You can explain the type of work you are doing, and they should be able to tell you approximately what size to get. For example, a small amount of yardwork or a guest bathroom renovation might only require one of the smaller dumpsters, which can definitely save you money.

Only Rent It For the Last Day of Renovations

While you do have the option of keeping the skip bin on your property for the entire length of renovations or other home projects, this might end up costing you more. Some skip bin companies don't just charge based on the size of dumpster, but by how long you have it parked on your property. If they do charge by the day, then you are better off just having it dropped off near the end of renovations. You can then haul all the waste into the dumpster and have it picked up promptly instead of paying extra to keep it there for several days or however long your work is going to take.

Consider the Additional Charges

Don't forget about some of the extra charges that might be associated with the skip bin rental. For example, if you end up needing to have it delivered or picked up with short notice, this might include a rush charge. If you assume you only need it for a day, but then don't finish with it until the following day, you might end up with an overage charge. These are things to consider when planning on the rental and also trying to avoid unnecessary charges.


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