What to do with your yard waste

Posted on: 15 June 2016

If you have been working on your garden, mowing the lawn, or trimming trees, you have likely compiled quite a bit of yard waste. Now it is time to figure out what to do with it. Here are a few different options for getting it off your lawn so you can enjoy all the work you put into it.

Use the Yard Waste As Mulch

One way to get rid of the yard waste is to actually use it by putting it right back into your garden. Both brown and green yard waste can be used as compost or mulch, providing an excellent alternative to fertilisers that contain chemicals. For example, brown materials like dry weeds, leaves, and twigs work great in addition to your fresh grass clippings, pruning clippings, and vegetable trimmings, which are all green materials. Combine these together for a versatile mulch for your yard to improve its growth and health.

Request a Yard Waste Bin

If you don't want to use the waste as mulch, you will then need to figure out how to haul it away. If you don't have a truck to do it yourself, another good option is to request a yard waste bin from your local waste management company. These are similar in size to the regular trash bin, but are often a green colour and picked up by a yard waste recycling truck. The main downside to this option is that there is limited room for your yard waste. If you did major work in your garden like cutting down trees or pulling up your lawn, there won't be enough room in the smaller bin. They are better for regular pruning and lawn maintenance.

Bring it to a Drop-Off Location

This is a good option when you have more waste than what fits in a yard waste bin, but you can't afford to have someone haul it away for you. There are often local drop-off locations for yard waste specifically, where they will recycle the materials for you. This helps keep it out of the landfills, where only trash should be. This does require putting all the waste in large bags and having a pickup truck or van where the bags will fit.

Hire a Skip Bin

One of the easiest ways to get rid of yard waste is by renting a skip bin. This is a type of dumpster you leave in front of your house until you're done using it, then have the company pick it up for you. During the yard work project, you can throw away your yard waste in the dumpster. When you're finished, you just call them up to pick it up. There are different sizes of skip bins, depending on how much waste you think you will have.


Composting for the environment

Starting a worm farm compost pile has been a really good move for us. It saves us a lot of space in the rubbish bin and it also helps make our garden much more efficient. Since we started using the compost our garden uses much less water and we are getting great yields from the veggie patch. The kids love seeing the worms wriggling around and eating all of the food and they are learning a lot about the natural environment in the process. This blog is all about the environmental benefits of composting at home and doing other things to improve the environment.