• 3 Essential Accessories for Your New Rainwater Tank

    Installing a rainwater tank is an increasingly popular choice for Australian homeowners. This is partly due to the reduced environmental impact that a rainwater tank provides for a home. It's also partly due to the significant savings homeowners make on their ever increasing water bills. If you're considering having a rainwater tank installed in your home, then you may feel confused about the plethora of different accessories that are available for your tank.
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  • 3 Mistakes to Avoid When Laying New Turf on Your Home's Lawn

    New turf grass can be a great choice for a new home construction, as it means a lush and green lawn without having to wait for seeds to germinate. Turf grass can also fill in dead and dry patches in your lawn where grass just isn't growing as it should.  When you put down new turf on your home's lawn, you need to ensure you do this properly so that the turf can take root and thrive.
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